Sample Equipment to Build 450mm Drone for Team Drone Challenge

This is a list of parts to build a basic drone that can fly in the CNY Drones Annual Team Drone Challenge. To be successful in completing the various missions additional electronics and/or materials will need to be added based on your team’s mission goals. CNY Drones does not guarantee the availability of any parts... Read More

High Voltage (HV) LiPo Battery Charging with the AOKoda CX610HV Charger

First Learn about LiPo Batteries Learn all about LiPo Batteries here: Battery Charger The charger we are using in this example is the AOKoda CX610HV 6 Channel 1S LiPo Battery Charger 4.35V Version 1A Micro Charger DC/XT60: It is for charging 1s (1 cell) LiPo batteries only. Also, because this is the HV version, this... Read More