Academy of Model Aeronautics Affiliation

CNY Drones is pleased to be affiliated with the Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA).  As the only Model Aviation Student Club (MASC) in our area, CNY Drones is now a designated club that will continue to provide educational programs and curriculum in line with AMA guidelines.   CNY Drones encourages all drone owners to join the AMA individually, as important safety information and insurance coverage is included with membership.

Model Aviation Student Club, or MASC, is a new AMA chartering program.  It gives CNY Drones access to nationally recognized training materials, assistance and the ability to cross-promote with AMA events and competitions.

Join our MASC Club Today! 

Our MASC Club will be a FREE membership for (2017-2018) and open to those in our area, ages 11 & up who are also members of the AMA.

AMA Membership is a requirement for all those interested in joining our newly formed CNY Drones Model Aviation Student Club as well as our new MultiGP Chapter.   AMA Membership is free for those 19 & under and reasonable for everyone else.

Sign up for an AMA Membership here!