CNY Drones MultiGP Chapter   ( registration/create a profile)

Developing our chapter opens the door for even more great activities that spark student and adult interest in drone technology.   Racing & STEM?   Speak to a racer & learn all the skill that goes into racing on and off the course.  Many are CNY Drones mentors.  Information on our STEM-centered programs is available at our races.

Drone enthusiasts can participate recreationally or competitively to be ranked for additional race tiers.   We also want to add in some freestyle in between.   BEST OF ALL – it’s FREE to join!   So JOIN US & help make it all happen!

Want to speak to someone about MultiGP?  Contact Paul Brown, our MultiGP Chapter Coordinator.

  • Network with local & regional drone racers – outdoor & indoor (Tiny Whoop)!
  • Compete in races as part of a national ranking hierarchy!
  • Receive direct, timely email notifications of Chapter races & events!
  • Receive invitations to other Chapters’ events!
  • Take part in our interactive STEM demonstrations for event spectators
  • Share your freestyle skills between races
  • Be part of a local growing tech sport while promoting STEM!

Outdoor Racing 

Gateway Park



In 2017, we’ve partner with the Town of Cicero NY Parks & Recreation set up a MultiGP Time Trial Track and events at their Gateway Park.    Members are notified about events directly through MultiGP.  We think the World of our friends in Cicero who took a chance on us.  We’ll be back for Summer 2018!

NEW!!!  For 2018, we’re  holding our first Utica outdoor race at SUNY Polytechnic Institute.  Check out our NEON Night Race!

In addition to outdoor events, we’re holding as many indoor events as possible to support Tiny Whoop owners!  Want to join in?  Contact us to get on our Text Notification List as some events may be set up last minute!

Indoor Racing

We partnered with the Jewish Community Center of Utica to provide test out new concepts and provide regular indoor events.    Our Friday Night Flights include racing opportunities posted and emailed to MultiGP Chapter members.



Joining our local chapter networks you with others in our community.  We think it’s a pretty important component to local growth.

Information at the Website:

About MultiGP 

Classes of FPV Racing Drones

Joining our chapter is easy!

  1. Become a member of the AMA   (Academy of Model Aeronautics). It’s FREE for those 19 & under and a requirement of joining our MultiGP Chapter as well as our MASC (Model Aviation Student Club).  The individual insurance coverage, safety and educational information makes this an incredible deal!
  2. MultiGP & then our CNY Drones Chapter  Fill in info about yourself & your drone(s).
  3. We get notified when you join.  If you email us a cell phone number you can request to be in our texts about our impromptu meeting-ups at area parks.
  4. Complete our annual  Consent & Release Form

Unofficial  events can often be set up on short notice.  Once you are a member, you will receive notification via email about our official events and have connections to local pilots who fly all the time at various locations – just for the fun of it.

Be sure to join other chapters in surrounding areas!   We encourage you to get as much experience as you like with MultiGP!

Note: Outdoor events are subject to last minute cancellation due to weather.

Our Chapter Documents

Race Day Information (.pdf)

Event Essentials (.pdf)