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  1. I’m looking for an easy to control drone that can hover in place without interaction from the user and has a simple kill switch that can be used to bring it down in the event a failure occurs. Would also like it to be somewhat safe as I intend to purchase it for my son. Do you have any recommendations?

  2. Any drone with GPS will “hover in place”, but must be flown outside to receive GPS signal. Some drones will use barometers to measure altitude and maintain a hover, but these can also have trouble with indoor flight because of changes in temperature and pressure. Lasers (LiDAR) and sonar sensors are also used in some cases to detect and maintain safe distances from objects, but these tend to be on more expensive drones. Really, to answer your question I would need to get a sense of your budget and if you are looking to put something together from a kit or want something ready to fly out of the box. Also, I would need to know how old your son is to figure out what would be most appropriate.

  3. I purchased a used mavic pro yesterday and it flew perfect. This morning it told me I need a firmware update and it constantly fails. Tried update in both DJI GO4 and DJI Assistant 2. It also says version mismatch update all modules.
    Any thoughts on how to get this running again?
    Thank you,

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