Updated: Jan 12, 2019 @ 3:02 pm

Forest Fury is Here!  

Note:  Actual field is surrounded by 10 ft. high netting.  Netting is not shown in order to provide field element details.

Field Element Building Specs

  • available to registered teams upon request!

Smaller Elements – used for placement or pick-up

  • for 2019, we will be providing specs for 3d printing elements (hikers & zip liner) to registered teams

2019 Drone Specs

  • Inspection
    • Inspection will take place prior to each team’s initial Flight
    • New for this season, teams will provide a brief drone flight worthiness video clip prior to the event
    • Inspection includes chassis, rotors, motors, sensors, batteries and any attachments/enhancements used to accomplish competition tasks
    • Re-inspection is necessary if changes are made to any drone or attached manipulator between Flights
    • Inspection Related Rules
      • All drones must be within the pre-determined competition specifications
      • Rotors must spin in the correct direction
      • Rotors must be covered
      • Batteries must be the appropriate size and voltage set forth in the drone specifications
      • Pilot must demonstrate “fail safe” setting
      • Arming switch so the drone can quickly be disarmed
      • Drones that are GPS reliant will not be able to operate in the tournament facilities
      • Drones weighing more than ½ lb. will need to be identified with their FAA number
      • All teams will sign-off that they have read the Facility Safety Rules
      • Team members will be questioned by officials regarding their knowledge
    • For a complete list of rules, refer to the most current version of the Challenge Manual
    • Need ideas for a 1st build?  Check out this YouTube video  by Paul Brown aka Louis P Floyd!

2019 Team Specs

  • minimum crew size: 2 (one must be 18+)
  • maximum in crew zone during competition: 5
  • minimum age of crew:  11 yrs old
  • targeted participants are middle & high school students
  • this is an open event with no set team classes – mixed groups are welcomed

NOTE:  challenge specs will change in subsequent seasons with team & competition growth / teams should refer to the latest version of the Challenge Manual for current specs.

2019 Award Categories & Criteria   – NEW!!!

9.1 Challenge Champion – presented by SUNY AMA & CNY Drones

  • Champion will be awarded for 1stPlace, 2ndPlace & 3rdPlace
  • Participating teams will be ranked based on scoring of their 2 flights, Inspector pit visit to assess team knowledge, along with additional points awarded if a safety video is submitted.
  • The top 3 teams will receive awards
  • Award type subject to competition sponsorships received
  • Ties will be determined by: 1) least amount of penalties received & 2) number of elements completed

9.2 Design Innovator

  • This award will be presented to the team that displays design innovation and out-of-the-box thinking in their drone and/or attached devices used to manipulate field elements.

9.3 SUNY 3D Printing & Design Club Award

  • This award will be presented to the team that demonstrates best use and knowledge of interesting 3D printed components.

9.4 SUNY Fabrication Club Award for Creativity

  • This award will be presented to the team that best demonstrates creative design and fabrication techniques. Showmanship and visual presence will be key factors in determining the winner of this award.

9.5 Judge’s Award

  • This award will be presented to the team that the Judge’s feel exhibited either an extraordinary act or memorable moment either on or off the field.
  • Awarding of this trophy will be at the judge’s discretion.

9.6 Safety Video Award   NEW!!!

  • Competition teams that submit a video will be additionally considered for the top award (+25 pts – just a little incentive!)
  • Applicants must submit a link to a public service announcement depicting “Drone/UAV Safety”.
  • Submitted video can be either 30, 60 or 90 seconds in length.
  • Link should be to a YouTube video. Video can be public or private.  Please contact us if you any issues using this format.
  • Submitted video cannot use copyrighted music, clips, photos or brands.
  • All sources, including the applicant’s affiliation(s) must be properly identified at the end of the video. This portion will not be counted as part of the video timing.
  • Video applicants do not need to be registered for the flight competition.
  • There is a NO REGISTRATION FEE for video applicants from teams that are not part of the main/flight competition.
  • Open to individual students or student groups age 11-18 
  • Video must be submitted as a team registration no later than Noon, approximately 14 days prior to competition. For the April 7th competition, registration and submissions must be made by Noon on March 23, 2019. This window will allow sufficient time for judging.
  • Submissions will receive an email confirmation of receipt from CNY Drones.

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