What can teams do while waiting for release of a new season?

  • Start practicing skills with whatever drone you have access to – taking off, landing, lifting, carrying, dropping off, flying under, above & through tight spots, hovering to take photos, & communicating with spotters.
  • Do some of research on search & rescue and your team will have a better idea of what to expect.
  • Connect with other teams & clubs!
  • Start an AMA MASC    (Academy of Model Aeronautics Model Aviation Student Club)  If your team is part of a newly formed drone club through a community group or school, you’ll want to consider becoming an AMA MASC.   Already a MASC?  Let us know!
  • Get your pilot(s) AMA registered early!
    • ONLY pilots with AMA members will be allowed to fly at our competition
    • AMA membership is free for those under age 19