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  • All participants at our events are required to sign a Consent & Release Form.  One form per calendar year covers all events.   MultiGP and some venues require addition release forms.
  • Upon arrival at any event, check in at the designated registration table or with an event administrator.
  • Please follow all posted facility and/or park rules.
  • We encourage signing up for AMA membership at all events and will have paperwork and link information available.  (   All CNY Drones mentors and most volunteers are AMA members.
  • All participants must provide their AMA number to participate in any official event MultiGP event.  Have your AMA membership card with you at all times.
  • Note all specifications for drones to be flown at each event.  Other types of drones can be brought for display.   When freestyle time and/or demonstration time is available, pilots will only be allowed with proof of AMA membership.  Prior to and after our events, flying is at the discretion of the venue/host facility.  Have permission before you fly!
  • If you know of a better way to do things, please share! Your knowledge and experience from other events – MultiGP and/or other sports/activities is always appreciated as we’re always open to making our events better!
  • Photography, video and audio recording at events is at the discretion of event organizers.
  • Contact event officials regarding the need for pit items such as tables and chairs as they may have them available.
  • Please consider a small donation at our events. Also utilize our bottle/can recycling program bags (CLYNK). Donations at events and your bottle/can returns help us provide event materials and upkeep on equipment.

Suggested Pit-Trunk Gear (pdf)

Indoor Venue Information

Indoor Event Flight Safety Rules – 2017 (pdf)

  • Do not fly drones outside of a facility being utilized for an indoor event unless specified by event organizers and/or the facility/venue.
  • Realize that when we utilize indoor space, we may be sharing a facility with another group.  Do not disrupt other groups and remain in the designated space reserved for our event.   Disruption of other events can limit our ability to rebook an event space.

Outdoor Venue Information

  • Always have your own trash receptacle/bag with you and take out what you bring to any event as trash service is not always available at parks and fields that we utilize.
  • Realize that in MOST cases we are SHARING outdoor park/field space. Sharing means that others have the same right to the space and may not be aware of safety requirements for flying drones.  ALWAYS have at least one person assigned as a Spotter to graciously inform others of your activity and keep track of your drone’s flight path.
  • When restrooms are not available for outdoor venues, please use facilities at local retailers/restaurants in the area and be sure to make a purchase as a courtesy.

Gateway Park, Bridgeport

  • bridgeportRestrooms – typically none. Port-a-potty may be made available for larger events.
  • Subway, Duncan Donuts, Walgreens, local diner & pizzerias are within a mile of the park. DIRECTIONS: From parking lot entrance (housing development side) go left on to Rinaldo Blvd, follow the road to the next left (development entrance from Rt. 31), take a right onto Rt. 31.  Subway, Walgreens & Duncan are on the right side.  Diner & Pizzaria on the left.

Peterpaul Recreation Park, Rome

(to be posted for Spring 2018!)