We take a fairly unique approach to MultiGP races.   Our focus is on offering spectators an interactive STEM experience in addition to fast paced races.  Typically, we include a Flight Simulator Zone, First Person Viewing Zone,  & Drone Display with Safety Information for our spectators.   Races and display areas are weather permitting and run  based on volunteer availability.

Summer 2018 Race Schedule

We’ll be providing monthly outdoor races at new locations, the 3rd weekend of each month, from May to September.  Other dates are possible and can be pulled together last-minute as weather permits and as pilots request.   The most updated list of race events will be on the MultiGP site.   Racers interested in participating must be AMA members.  Racers should join our MultiGP Chapter to receive email notifications of events. Our chapter is based in Utica, NY.  Joining a chapter is FREE!  Go to our MultiGP Chapter page and http://www.MultiGP.com/

photo collage from Peterpaul Recreation Park, Rome, NY