CNY Drones 2017-2018 STEM-Based Team Drone Challenge: Rig Rescue!

We are pleased that so many great volunteers and organizations have come together to help make our new and exciting STEM program a reality!

The Challenge Kick-Off is set for October 1st, in Utica, as part of the 2nd Annual Drone Informational Day – Drone Info Day @The Parkway!

Challenge Overview  

CNY Drones Challenge missions were created keeping in mind the eight practices of science and engineering identified by the Framework for K-12 Science Education, a blueprint for the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS).

The eight practices of science and engineering that the Framework identifies as essential for all students to learn and describes in detail are listed below:

  • Asking questions (for science) & defining problems (for engineering)
  • Developing & using models
  • Planning & carrying out investigations
  • Analyzing & interpreting data
  • Using mathematics & computational thinking
  • Constructing explanations (for science) & designing solutions (for engineering)
  • Engaging in argument from evidence
  • Obtaining, evaluating, & communicating information”


The Rig Rescue Story

A malfunction has led to a fire on an off-shore oil platform.  Your rescue team has been dispatched to navigate through stormy, shark infested waters to help secure the facility and retrieve platform workers.  Using the latest drone technology your team can attempt to assist in surveying the damage, activating fire suppression systems that have not previously been triggered, retrieve critical proprietary information stored on the platform’s computer drive, secure a free-swinging crane, and rescue workers.

Rig Rescue drone teams can attempt to:

  • Navigate an air corridor and obstacles
  • Assess the situation & take photos of key issues
  • Activate a fire suppression system
  • Land on the oil rig platform in 1 of 2 locations
  • Retrieve a hard drive within the rig structure
  • Secure a crane
  • Toss out flotation devices to those in the water
  • Rescue survivors in the water
  • Return to a moving rescue ship

2017-2018 Rig Rescue Challenge Manual  Update Coming Soon!

Note: The Rig Rescue Challenge can only be used whole or in part with permission of CNY Drones.  

Field Element Build Guide  Coming Soon! 

CNY Drones  Event Facility General Flight Safety Rules

Sample Scoring Sheet Coming Soon!