Field Element Building Specs

  • available to registered teams upon request!

Smaller Elements – used for placement or pick-up

  • for 2019, we will be providing specs for 3d printing elements to registered teams

Drone Specs

  • Inspection
    • Inspection will take place prior to each team’s initial Flight.
    • Inspection includes chassis, rotors, motors, sensors, batteries and any attachments/enhancements used to accomplish competition tasks.
    • Re-inspection is necessary if changes are made to any drone or attached manipulator between Flights.
    • Inspection Related Rules
      • All drones must be within the pre-determined competition specifications
      • Rotors must spin in the correct direction
      • Batteries must be the appropriate size and voltage set forth in the drone specifications
      • Pilot must demonstrate “fail safe” setting.
      • Arming switch so the drone can quickly be disarmed
      • Drones that are GPS reliant will not be able to operate in the tournament facilities.
      • Drones weighing more than ½ lb. will need to be identified with their FAA number.
      • All teams will sign-off that they have read the Facility Safety Rules.

Team Specs

  • minimum crew size: 2 (one must be 18+)
  • maximum in crew zone during competition: 5
  • minimum age of crew:  11 yrs old
  • this is an open event with no set team classes – mixed groups are welcomed!