Revised  2017-2018 Challenge Manual (link available shortly).    It covers everything from “Who can be on a team?” to “How big can my team’s drone be?”

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Frequently Asked Questions

Updated: Sep 9, 2017 @ 10:48 am

Q: Do I need to have a 30’x60′ field to practice?
A: No, but if you have access to a gym or very large room that would be best. Practicing indoors is best for beginners to learn the controls without risk of losing the drone. Just make sure to remove anything that could be broken by an impact with a drone. To reiterate, bedroom = bad, auditorium = better, empty gym = good. You can also fly outside, but make sure to start out on a large field with few obstacles. Also make sure it is relatively calm. Once you are comfortable flying then you can try more complex environments. Also to learn to fly First Person View (FPV), using a simulator is recommended. If you crash in a simulator, you can just restart. Here is a video from Flite Test that explains how to fly a multirotor:
Q: How do I get the field elements to practice?
A: CNY Drones is working on creating a list of where to get all the field elements locally or online.  Field elements are made with readily available parts to make it easy for teams to get started. The few exceptions will be made available to registered teams.  We will also provide instructions for how to assemble. Please check back soon to see the list.


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