The Story

  • A local farm needs your drone team’s help!
  • A recent drought followed by a major storm has taken a toll on crops
  • Dairy cattle have scattered
  • A farmer is missing and may be stuck in a silo!
  • Is your drone team up for the task?

FARMiGEDDON 1 page flyer v9-19

Preliminary Mission Options  – Updated: Sep 21, 2019 @ 9:55 am

(elements subject to change prior to kick-off)

  • Develop a Safety & Mission Plan
  • Navigate at low altitude through farm obstacles
  • Map property & field damage – stitching photos together
  • Search the inside of a barn & silo (NEW – using a second/optional Tiny Whoop class drone)
  • Retrieve a soil sample
  • Locate & identify missing livestock
  • Locate & move hay bales to feed livestock
  • Activate irrigation system lever to water fields
  • Inspect & restart wind turbines
  • Restart a farm windmill
  • Prevent a UFO from kidnapping livestock (obviously – a fun element!)
  • Return to a moving tractor-pulled platform

FARM-i-GEDDON focuses on key elements simulating real-world situations & was created using the framework for Next Generation Science Standards. Our 3rd annual challenge was developed by a volunteer committee made up of drone industry professionals, educators, college students & drone enthusiasts.

Team Specs

  • 2 NEW competition levels! – Middle/High School (age 12+) & College/Adult
  • Team Pilot(s) MUST be AMA Members at registration (Age 12-18 = FREE!)
  • Teams of 2 to 5 on-field Crew Members – or 6 following new 2nddrone guidelines
  • NEW 2nd Tiny Whoop class drone option! (contact us for details!)
  • At least 1 adult mentor required at competition for Middle/High School level
  • Utica competition limited to 24 total teams – 12 for each level

Drone Specs

Main Competition Drone & Tiny Whoop class specs will be posted on our Team Drone Challenge Resources Page .  If you need to order early and have any questions- contact us!   We’re here to help!  Want an improvement implemented?  We’d appreciate feedback!  Micro drone specs will insure that the smaller counterpart drone can easily maneuver in the FARM-i-GEDDON barn & silo.  Micro drone use will be optional and only needed for a single tight-space mission.

Competition Release & Registration Opens

  • SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 28, 2019 at 5:00pm
  • Start a team & compete for less than $1,000 – ask us how!
  • Registration page and additional information will be found linked to this page.
  • Questions?  We’re here for you!

Northeast Competition Day

  • SUNDAY, APRIL 5, 2020 @ SUNY Polytechnic Institute – Hosted by SUNY AMA UMASC, SUNY Fabrication Club, SUNY 3D Printing & Design Club & SUNY Baja Club

Team Support

  • Tech Meets to be scheduled for October, November, January, February & March
  • Mentors available via phone, email or during scheduled hangouts for questions