The reboot of our 2021/2022 Team Drone Challenge is supported by NUAIR, A&P Master Images, Rotary Club of Rome NY & AIS.

The Story

  • A local farm needs your drone team’s help!
  • A recent drought followed by a major storm has taken a toll on crops
  • Dairy cattle have scattered
  • A farmer is missing and may be stuck in a silo!
  • Is your drone team up for the task?


  • Develop a Safety & Mission Plan
  • Navigate at low altitude through farm obstacles
  • Map property & field damage – stitching photos together
  • Search the inside of a barn & silo
  • Retrieve a soil sample
  • Locate & identify missing livestock
  • Locate & move hay bales to feed livestock
  • Activate irrigation system lever to water fields
  • Inspect & restart wind turbines
  • Restart a farm windmill
  • Prevent a UFO from kidnapping livestock
  • Return to a moving tractor-pulled platform

FARM-i-GEDDON focuses on key elements simulating real-world situations & was created using the framework for Next Generation Science Standards. Our 3rd annual challenge was developed by a volunteer committee made up of drone industry professionals, educators, college students & drone enthusiasts.

Team Specs

  • Middle/High School (age 12 – 18)  We’ve postponed adding a collegiate division until 2022-2023.
  • Team Pilot(s) MUST be AMA Members at registration (Age 12-18 = FREE!)
  • Teams of 2 to 5 on-field Crew Members – or 6 following new 2nddrone guidelines
  • NEW 2nd Tiny Whoop class drone option! (contact us for details!)
  • At least 1 adult mentor required at competition for Middle/High School level
  • Utica competition limited to 12 total teams

Drone Specs

Revised Main Competition Drone & Tiny Whoop class specs will be posted on our Team Drone Challenge Resources Page.  If you need to order early and have any questions- contact us!   We’re here to help!  Want an improvement implemented?  We’d appreciate feedback!  Micro drone specs will insure that the smaller counterpart drone can easily maneuver in the FARM-i-GEDDON barn & silo.  Tint Whoop class drone use will be optional and only needed for a single tight-space mission.

Northeast Competition Day

We’re looking towards an April 2022 Competition Day.  We’ll be working to bring it back to SUNY Polytechnic Institute in hopes of having our annual event hosted once again by SUNY AMA UMASC, SUNY Fabrication Club, SUNY 3D Printing & Design Club & SUNY Baja Club.

Team Support

  • Tech Meets will be scheduled in Fall 2021 to reconnect with teams
  • Mentors are available via phone, email or during scheduled hangouts for questions