Last Friday I lent my RC and Tiny Whoop to one of our CNY Drones mentors working with an 11 year old.  At first, I had a sick feeling when I saw the kid walk back to me with my lanyard in one hand – the one that came with my Taranis X7.  He dropped it on the table in front of me.  The controller in his other hand.  I admit that my next thought was that he dropped my new RC.  Then the mentor walked up and took my RC and his own lanyard.  Click and a little quick strap adjustment and away they went.  I get it now – time to spend $5 (+ shipping).  Especially a good idea for a RC that is used by many – like a class, a family that shares their equipment or group you could be working with.  All you teachers out there – this appears to be money well spent.  And – thanks to John, here’s a video on the very strap mentioned.




  1. Or you can solder the connector closed once connected to the radio just place something protective under your work area to protect your radio from solder drips

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