What We Do For Our Sponsors 

  • We continuously promote our sponsors at our events, interactive demonstrations & via social media
    • sharing stories about our sponsor’s STEM efforts with our audiences
    • displaying logos at our registration &informational tables
    • displaying logos using any sponsor provided flags & banners
    • sharing marketing materials & special event information
    • helping give our sponsors Statewide & Nationwide reach
  • We support the causes championed by our sponsors
    • We’re available to our sponsors for demonstrations to their organizations & for their favored causes
    • We promote our sponsors’ causes & community efforts via social media (FB, TW, IG)

Annual Request for Sponsors

We request sponsors annually via general donation letter to our contacts.  Link to the current version appears further down on this page.   We invite potential sponsors to engage in partnerships as we connect at events and share updates monthly via our newsletter.

Current Supporter List

How We Use Our Funding

Sponsorship funds go directly toward equipment & supply purchases, maintenance, venue fees, & insurance.  Our committee members, mentors & general volunteers spend an inordinate amount of time sharing drone technology knowledge.  Funding compliments their efforts.

This is CNY Drones (2018 Youtube events photo collage)

Our Accomplishments

Together, we provide the following:

1)  Growth of our annual low-cost, STEM-based Team Drone Challenge to encourage creative & cooperative participation by students and adults.  The Challenge is now offered in partnership with the SUNY Polytechnic Institute AMA University Model Student Aviation Club.  This group of passionate engineering college students helps us maintain a stream of student STEM & drone technology ambassadors – connecting college with community. We strive to keep team participation costs to a minimum.  As interest increases, so does the need for equipment.  Netted structures, field elements, laptops, monitors, radio controllers, goggles, demo drones & batteries — all need maintenance, upgrades & replacement regularly as usage increases & technology changes.

2)  Interactive demonstrations get students involved in drones as a hobby, spark interest in other area programs & help students consider drones as an educational & employment option.   We believe the best chance of getting students in involved in STEM is by getting fun, challenging equipment into their hands so they can experiment.  We often see a “lightbulb moment” when that same equipment is put into the hands of a parent.   Our equipment is heavily used & requires regular maintenance & replacement.  Sponsors increase our ability to share with more students at more STEM-related events.

3)  Development of new affordable drone workshops for our STEM-Based Team Drone Challenge –  using the latest equipment & presented by engineers & enthusiasts.   We’ve learned that when STEM is a fun part of extracurricular activities, it becomes a big influence on future education & employment paths.   As mentors, we do our best to offer programs at the lowest cost possible by donating time towards development & presentation.   Sponsors help us purchase equipment & secure venues so our programs remain affordable to inner-city & rural students.  Sponsors are welcome to specify use of funds as scholarships.  We enjoy giving more students opportunities to learn!

6)  Support of our information hub – our website & social media presence function as the recreational drone owner education & safety information hub for our region, connecting & influencing locally & internationally.   It remains the starting point for students, parents, & educators.   Our information is gathered & disseminated through our website & social media by volunteers.  Sponsorship pays for our annual fees to keep our growing site online & secure.

How to Donate

SPONSOR LETTER & FORMS – v4-6-18   – includes our annual sponsor letter, sponsorship levels, how funding is used & a 2-part receipt for your records

Tax deductible contributions to CNY Drones can be made out to “The Griffiss Institute”, our fiscal agent and 501(c)3.  It is incredibly important for bookkeeping purposes to add the following notation to your check “For CNYDrones@RoboSpartans Robotics”.   Checks should be mailed directly to the Griffiss Institute, 725 Daedalian Drive, Rome, NY 13441 using sponsor forms (link above).

PayPal Donations – use the gold Donate button that appears on the top right of our pages!

We also appreciate any purchases made on our behalf by sponsors!  Sponsors are free to add logos and promotional material to donated items.    Wish List

Volunteers are also welcomed!  Donations in the form of volunteerism works for us!   Many of our programs are provided at times that accommodate work schedules.  As that is not always the case, we appreciate employers who provide their employees with the ability to help us for the occasional program that falls during business hours.  Since we plan events 2-4 months in advance, we do our best to give our volunteers sufficient notice to plan around their schedules.

Feel free to contact Lisa at: CNYDrones@gmail.com or by leaving a detailed message at 315-732-1001, day or evening & your call will be returned.

We also gladly accept items on our Wish List!

We Appreciate Our Sponsors!

Together, we make a difference in our community!