To fly a “drone” (sUAS less than 55lbs) commercially outdoors in the United States you:

  • Must be at least 16 years old
  • Must pass an initial aeronautical knowledge test at an FAA-approved knowledge testing center+
  • Must be vetted by the Transportation Safety Administration (TSA)

    +A person who already holds a pilot certificate issued under 14 CFR part 61 and has successfully completed a flight review within the previous 24 months can complete a part 107 online training course at to satisfy this requirement.

This is commonly referred to as getting your “Part 107”. The initial aeronautical knowledge test consists of 60 multiple choice questions that you have 2 hours to complete. You have to get 42 questions (70%) correct to pass. The test costs $150. In the Utica/Rome NY area the test can be taken at the  Mohawk Valley Testing Center at Griffiss International Airport in Rome, New York.

Study Materials:

If want to pay and take a course.
This company’s study course is very popular due to it’s good materials and low price:
$149 for life.
They have free videos that are pretty good also and can be found on youtube here:

This $5 App is also really popular:

If you only want free materials.
The first thing to do is take the course that a person with a pilot’s license (part 61 certificate holders) would take to get their certification. It is the FAA Safety Team or FAASTeam Part 107 small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (sUAS) course. It is mainly sUAS (Drone) specific material; more policy, operations, regulations, etc. less weather, airspace, load and lift factors (Aeronautical Knowledge). Take the course here:
There are some Optional Aeronautical Knowledge Check questions at the end of that. It is recommended to do the other studying first and then going back to that as a practice test.

Next, print out the FAA study guide and read the whole thing. This is the real studying part:
Also print out the FAA Knowledge Testing Supplement and get familiar with it. It will be given to you when you take the test and many practice tests refer to pages in the document.:

Then, print out and take all the FAA practice tests:
Here are answers and explanations to above:

Then take the 130 great free practice tests questions from 3DR:
You should be getting nearly all of these questions correct by this point.

Here are the 5 Most Missed Questions on the test:

Some Other Free Study Guides: (Will ask you to give him your email, but his blog posts are usually very interesting)

Lastly, here is an awesome place to look at sectional charts to use after getting the certification and to study for the certification as well:

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  1. Here’s how I studied. There is a lot of FREE and very low cost tools. I watched YouTube videos on METARS, TAFs and Sectionals for about two weeks, and used a GooglePlay app call UAS107 ( (link is external)). The app had a lot of study resources including a prep exam and only cost $5. Passed on my 1st attempt with a 90% and only cost me $155 ($150 for the exam fee $5 for the app).

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