What can teams do while waiting for release of a new season?

Updated: May 23, 2019 @ 4:19 pm


  • Start practicing skills with whatever drone you have access to – taking off, landing, lifting, carrying, dropping off, flying under, above & through tight spots, hovering to take photos, & communicating with spotters.


  • Do some of research on the upcoming theme – your team will have a better idea of what to expect!

Here’s some articles on the use of drones & sensors in agriculture.  2020 FARM-i-GEDDON Challenge teams will participate in simulated scenarios to give participants a sense of where the use of drones in agriculture is heading.

Six Ways Drones Are Revolutionizing Agriculture (MIT – Technologyreview.com)

Smart Sensors in Farming (agritechtomorrow.com)

Drones & The Future of Farming (National Geographic)

Identifying Crop Variability with Drones (DroneDeploy.com Blog)


  • Connect with other teams & clubs!  What? Connect with our competition?  Yes.  The best way to learn is from another team!  We know that no two teams will create exactly the same solutions to missions or have the same flying capabilities.  Sharing improves a team’s experience in so many ways, we can’t list them all!  We’d be happy to give you contact info!
  • Volunteer with us!  Our interactive demos are year-round!  Join us with your drone(s) or hang with us and learn from our mentors!


  • Start an AMA MASC    (Academy of Model Aeronautics Model Aviation Student Club)  If your team is part of a newly formed drone club through a community group or school, you’ll want to consider becoming an AMA MASC.   Already a MASC?  Let us know!
  • Get your pilot(s) AMA registered early!
    • ONLY pilots with AMA members will be allowed to fly at our competition
    • AMA membership is free for those under age 12-18


  • Get involved with the fast-paced world of drone racing & free styling!
  • We encourage students to build, fly & race with us – we fly indoors (Tiny Whoop scale drones) & outdoors!  Join our MultiGP Chapter!
  • Those who race with us pick up great flying & repair tips!
  • Check out our calendar for race related events!
  • Contact us – we’re happy to help you get started!