Lanyard Style

The lanyard included with your radio controller kit may or may not be the most comfortable for you. Chances are, you have more than one lanyard – from a previous purchase, collected as a giveaway, or as an attendee to an event. Use what is most comfortable around your neck and works best holding your controller.

Lanyard Connection to Transmitter (Radio Controller)

The radio controller seen here has more than one connection point for your lanyard. Take the time to choose the location that is most comfortable. Also in this example a jump ring was added.

The reason for the jump ring is to prevent certain (most) types of clasps from accidentally opening when you pick up the controller by the lanyard. Below is a gif of how the lanyards can come unattached easily.

Lanyard Length

Your radio controller should rest at a comfortable height in front of you. Positioning will differ from person to person, so shared controllers may need to be re-adjusted each time they are used. A good lanyard will have straps that are easily adjusted.

This is an example of a lanyard that is not properly adjusted (it’s too long):

This is the proper use of the lanyard. The lanyard “carries” the transmitter and allows the user to press downward with their palms on the transmitter.

Lever / Stick Control

Thumb Control

  • Thumb only
  • Typically, the first way a beginner will attempt
  • Video gamers often already comfortable with

Pinch Control

  • Thumb to forefinger
  • Takes a little time to get used to
  • Allows for more precise movements with firm hold on the controller around the outside and underneath with remaining fingers

Here are 2 videos on the Pinching vs Thumbs:

Also this guy flies with only one hand, so there is no excuse for not flying.  😉