U.S. Drone Soccer National Resources:  dronesoccer.us

New York State / Region II Resources


 League Administration

We support the growth & continued success of leagues in our region with INFRASTRUCTURE!

Arena site & team guidance, networking & promotion!

Tech Meets- for team development!

We’re here with advice and resource files – from classroom programs, after school enrichment, & teams to leagues & arena sites in our region.


Technical Support

Certified Professional Development Trainers

< 24 hour turn-around for most questions!

Volunteer tech experts in building, coding & flying!

All techs have drone ball, controllers & software!



Our Resources Make Your Resources Possible!

Development of U.S. Drone Soccer New York/AMA Region II is supported by the Air Force Research Lab, Rome, NY & TACNY – Technology Alliance of Central New York.  Our continued collaboration with SUNY Polytechnic Institute College of Engineering & student technology clubs led by the SUNY AMA, along with our gracious fiscal agent, The Griffiss Institute, has allowed us to increase our reach.   We also thank all of our previous sponsors who invested in our STEM mission.


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