Experience FPV in Barneveld Oct 6th

Register for Experience FPV – Barneveld Date: Saturday, Oct. 6, 2018 Location:  Unity Hall – 101 Vanderkamp Ave, Barneveld NY 13304   Barneveld event is provided in partnership with hosts, Unity Hall, Barneveld. PayPal accepted until program fills or Noon on Thursday Prior To Event (October 4, 2018) Maximum participants:  12 Age 11+ only Last minute registrations... Read More

Beginner Practice Exercises

Suggested exercises for those working with Tiny Whoop class drones – Floor Scoot Fly across an open floor space staying on or close to the ground to practice working the directional controls.  Use an open hallway, classroom space or gym.  Attempt without or with obstacles.     Hover Using the left control (throttle) maintain a... Read More