New Jersey educators, administrators & not-for-profits are invited to contact us for information on the U.S. Drone Soccer!  CNY Drones has experience & connections to assist you in finding what works best for your group!

CNY Drones – the support system for District II, covering both NY & NJ!

There is no need to seek out a 3rd party provider.  We support purchases made directly through Drone Sports, Inc. (U.S. Drone Soccer). For general information on this exciting STEM team sport:

Drone Sports, Inc.,, is the only place we suggest purchasing the basics as they provide authentic, league approved equipment to participate regionally, nationally & internationally as a classroom, school program, team or league.  Off-brand equipment &/or purchases without instructor certification training are not supported by CNY Drones.  Ask us before you purchase.

We’re happy to provide preliminary information on what is going on here on the East Coast & how you can get started.

Contact us any time!

U.S. Drone Soccer Schedule

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Plan on the following schedule each season going forward.

  • Sept-Oct    National & District Kick-Off Events
  • Sept-Dec   District & local Tech Meets & events
  • Jan-Feb   Qualifiers
  • March   District Championships*
  • April  National Championship & International FAI F9A World Cup**
  • May  Season Planning
  • June-Aug  District Summer Camps, Workshops, Tech Meets, Demos

*Qualifiers run as combined Championships for the newest Districts with no previous official events or smaller team populations

** Other FAI Official events Worldwide do not coincide with the U.S. Drone Soccer season.  Contact the U.S. Drone Soccer Association ( for more information.

Know Before You Go

We suggest contacting your District and/or the U.S. Drone Soccer Association regarding the status of any event prior to registering.