Updated: May 27, 2023 @ 9:42 am

National Resources:  Drone Sports, Inc.

For those who have purchased U.S. Drone Soccer equipment:

  1. Aircraft Flight Manual
  2. U.S. Drone Soccer Help Desk
  3. Troubleshooting Meetings Online!  Meetings are typically Thursday Afternoons, 4:00pm EST. Contact U.S. Drone Soccer to be added to the invite list.
  4. Discord – to share with others in the drone soccer community Nationally

CNY Drones League Support Hub

For Region II participants:


  1. Tech Meets & Planning Committee Meetings
    • for information exchange & team development
  2. Region II Support Drive Folders
    • helpful ancillary items to get started
  3. On-Call Technical Support Staff (volunteers)
    • Experienced Certified Instructors
    • Equipment on hand to reference during calls
    • Typically < 24 hour response for most questions
  4. Contract Services
    • On-site hands-on workshops, troubleshooting & coaching
    • All on-site training is provided with a minimum of 2 instructors – 1 lead instructor plus 1 instructor per 3 students
    • Our format of group training provides superior individual learning opportunities
  5. Event Hosting
    • Regional Kick-Off
    • Regional Championship
    • 2023 National Championship
  6. Arena Site Advice
    • Networking & promotion within Region II & to our connections in the Northeast
    • help based on experience in STEM team coaching, event coordination, camp & workshop creation 

Hub Collaboration

We work with our sister AMA organization, SUNY Polytechnic Institute’s University Model Aviation Student Club, linking high school students with a tech-forward college environment

How to Reach CNY Drones for Support

  1. The fastest way to reach us is by phone/text!
    • 315-292-2002 (CNY Drones Administrator – Lisa)
  2.  Email us!   (if you’d like to add technical information, photos or video)
  3. or fill out this form… Technical Support Request
    • if you are not registered with U.S. Drone Soccer or are new to us, please call or email us.  This form is for those who have equipment & wish to schedule assistance.
  4. Check out the latest on our new NY Teams News Page!

Our Resources Make Your Resources Possible!

Development of U.S. Drone Soccer NY/NJ AMA Region II is supported by the Air Force Research Lab, Rome, NY & TACNY – Technology Alliance of Central New York.  Our continued collaboration with SUNY Polytechnic Institute College of Engineering & student technology clubs led by the SUNY AMA, along with our gracious fiscal agent, The Griffiss Institute, has allowed us to increase our reach.   We also thank all of our previous sponsors who invested in our STEM mission, helping us continue services for 6+ years.  We appreciate new sponsors!  Help us maintain & expand our services!  cnydrones@gmail.com


Have you seen the latest?

Take a look at this new arena option.  Great for regular travel vs. the Pro or Practice Arena as both are pretty hefty.

It may be the right option for you if you plan on moving your arena around a lot.

More info through https://dronesoccer.us