U.S. Drone Soccer plays a crucial role in encouraging students to prepare for & pursue aviation technology careers in several ways:

  1. Hands-On Experience: Participating in U.S. Drone Soccer provides students with hands-on experience in operating drones, understanding their mechanics, & learning basic coding & engineering principles. This practical experience can spark & maintain student interest in aviation & drone technology related fields.
  2. Teamwork & Collaboration: U.S. Drone Soccer is a true team sport that requires collaboration & communication among team members. These skills are essential in aviation industries & drone technology, where projects often require teamwork to succeed.
  3. Problem-Solving Skills: In U.S. Drone Soccer, players strategize & adapt to changing game situations. Critical thinking & problem-solving skills are fostered.  Experience with these skills is valuable in aviation technology fields where complex issues need to be addressed.
  4. Career Exploration: U.S. Drone Soccer is a gateway for students to explore career opportunities in drone technology & aviation. By participating in the sport, students can discover a passion for these fields & pursue further education & training.
  5. Inclusivity & Diversity:  U.S. Drone Soccer promotes inclusivity & diversity via a gameplay ruleset and operational procedures.  The organization receives regular input from a community-driven Rules Committee.  Aviation technology industries will benefit from this concerted effort to welcome students of all backgrounds & genders to participate & excel.

U.S. Drone Soccer is a powerful tool for inspiring & preparing students to pursue careers in aviation, particularly in the growing world of drone technology.  U.S. Drone Soccer provides practical skills, fostering teamwork & problem-solving abilities, & serves as a platform for career exploration & development!

For more information on U.S. Drone Soccer activities in New York State & New Jersey, contact CNY Drones, U.S. Drone Soccer District II Directors:  cnydrones@gmail.com

For information on U.S. Drone Soccer in any of the 11 Districts within the United States,

visit:  usdronesoccer.org