Updated: Jun 3, 2024 @ 9:21 am

New York Drone Soccer is made possible by…

Air & Space STEM Outreach


U.S. Drone Soccer leading the way in robotic drone technology education & team gameplay!

2024 NY District II Championship 

  • 1st Place Yellow Jackets – Madrid Waddington CSD
  • 2nd Place Mohon Drones – Mohonasen CSD
  • 3rd Place Northstars – Cicero-North Syracuse CSD

WKTV 2 Utica Coverage


Madrid Waddington and Mohonasen placed 5th & 4th at the 2024 National Championship & International FAI F9A Open International in Alexandria, VA.  Great job teams!

Thank you to all the teams for a great showing this season!   Whatever you need to kick it up a notch,  let us know!  We’re here to support you!

Event photos from our District event are available as part of our Support Drive.  Also – check out the CNY Drones FB page!
Expecting great things in the Fall when we start all over again!

Why U.S. Drone Soccer?  

We are proud to be part of the U.S. Drone Soccer Association (510c3) community usdronesoccer.org.  Together, we offer complete aviation workforce development program support where every student builds, codes, flies & repairs their own drone & works as a team in an esport.  The U.S. Drone Soccer COMMUNITY sets us all apart from other drone competitions.

CNY Drones is connected to the Academy of Model Aeronautics as a Model Aviation Student Club and as supporters of U.S. Drone Soccer’s designation as a Special Interest Group.  We are members supporting members!

Drone soccer can easily be set up as a small classroom, enrichment or intramural program.  In New York State, we are your support system, helping both educators & non-profits grow their programs & teams!  We offer both virtual (FREE) & on-site technical support (BY QUOTE) for products from the originators of U.S. Drone Soccer, Drone Sports, Inc.  Our volunteer staff is the most technically knowledgeable group in the Country.  We have all versions of products at our fingertips so we can work directly with educators at their convenience.

Know Before You Buy

Ask us about our experiences with an assortment of people, companies, and equipment.  When something good starts, there’s always someone out there who thinks they can profit off of what others have established.  We’re happy to help save you time & money!    cnydrones@gmail.com


NYS Support Hub:  Check out all the  FREE online & low-cost contract services.



When you need an opinion or have a questions, feel free to ask us here in New York!  We share information to schools in our District – on ancillary equipment purchases, how to get started prior to receiving an order, & what other schools in your area are doing.

We’re happy to arrange a virtual meeting ANYTIME!

U.S. Drone Soccer Schedule

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Plan on the following schedule each season going forward.

  • Sept-Oct    National & District Kick-Off Events
  • Sept-Dec   District & local Tech Meets & events
  • Dec-Feb   Qualifiers
  • March   District Championships*
  • April  National Championship & International FAI F9A World Cup**
  • May  Season Planning
  • June-Aug  Summer Series District Events – Summer Camps, Workshops, Tech Meets, Demos

*Qualifiers run as combined Championships for the newest Districts with no previous official events or smaller team populations

** Other FAI Official events Worldwide do not coincide with the U.S. Drone Soccer season.  Contact the U.S. Drone Soccer Association (info@usdronesoccer.org) for more information.

Know Before You Go

We suggest contacting your District and/or the U.S. Drone Soccer Association regarding the status of any event prior to registering.