Updated: Sep 30, 2023 @ 3:33 pm

Region II New York Drone Soccer

Region II NY PatchWhy Drone Soccer?  

U.S. Drone Soccer offers a complete aviation workforce development program where every student builds, codes, flies & repairs their own drone & works together in a team sport.

Educational modules available to grow knowledge in advanced & specialized drone topics through a collaboration with DroneU including Part 107, Construction, Inspection, Photography & Mapping.

Drone soccer can easily be set up as a small classroom, enrichment or intramural program.

CNY Drones offers ancillary materials, assistance & training for participation in U.S. Drone Soccer. New to Drone Soccer?  Watch this!


Drone Sports. Inc. is a sole provider of U.S. Drone Soccer Equipment.
Contact them to obtain a sole-source letter.  dronesoccer.us.   Off-brand / knock-off products are NOT allowed in ANY NYS league events – from tech meets & scrimmages to championship competitions.   CNY Drones only supports educators and non-profits providing education-based league play in NY Region II.

Drone Sports, Inc. is part of the NYS Instructional Technology Contract Consortium (ITCC). If your school wishes to order under the agreement, please contact your local BOCES regarding ordering equipment. You can still ENROLL with U.S. Drone Soccer / Drone Sports, Inc. so that they have your school information on file. Please notify Drone Sports, Inc. of your intent to purchase through BOCES vs. direct.

Drone Sports, Inc. will require confirmation of your organization’s tax status. Please share your not-for-profit status paperwork/letter to Drone Sports, Inc. This will help speed up your order processing so they can ship as soon as possible.

Please be sure to request any additional information required from Drone Sports, Inc. as soon as possible to help facilitate the ordering process.


We are the NYS Support Hub!  Check out all the FREE & contract services through CNY Drones and U.S. Drone Soccer’s additional programming through DroneU to build on your drone soccer program!



When you need an opinion or have a questions, feel free to ask us here in New York! We share information to schools in our State –  on ancillary equipment purchases, how to get started prior to receiving an order, & what other schools in your area are doing.  Our drone soccer technical support staff is the most experienced in the Country, serving the fastest growing State!  We’d be happy to arrange a virtual meeting ANYTIME!