Updated: May 27, 2023 @ 9:28 am

New York State Drone Soccer Starts Here!

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Special Notice for NYS Schools:  Please read this entire page BEFORE requesting an equipment quote!

Why Drone Soccer?  

Drone Soccer is part of a workforce development program through Drone Sports, Inc. where every student builds, codes, flies & repairs their own drone & works together in a team sport.

Drone soccer can easily be set up as a small classroom, enrichment or intramural program.

U.S. Drone Soccer official equipment is ONLY available directly through Drone Sports, Inc.   Off-brand / knock-off products are not allowed in any league events – from tech meets & scrimmages to championship competitions.

CNY Drones will NOT support drone soccer educational material or equipment purchased from ANY reseller.  

New to Drone Soccer?  Watch these!

IMPORTANT Ordering Information

If you plan on purchasing your equipment through the BOCES ITCC (CoSer), contact your local BOCES for pricing and ordering instructions!  Your quote should go through BOCES & NOT direct through Drone Sports, Inc. (U.S. Drone Soccer).  

For orders directly from your school or organization (non – ITCC/CoSer) – get started now with no obligation through Drone Sports, Inc.  The faster you receive information, the faster you can make the decision on what is right for you.   Sign up your school or organization to receive a quote for equipment and be placed in the ordering queue.

Drone Sports, Inc. is the ONLY provider of official U.S. Drone Soccer drone equipment.  

Get Local Advice

When you need an opinion, feel free to ask!   We share information on ancillary equipment purchases, how to get started prior to receiving an order, & what other schools in your area are doing.  We’d be happy to arrange a virtual meeting.   cnydrones@gmail.com

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