Updated: Feb 20, 2024 @ 11:47 am

NY District II  – New York Drone Soccer  

   Why U.S. Drone Soccer?  

We are proud to be part of the U.S. Drone Soccer Association (510c3) community!  Together, we offer a complete aviation workforce development program where every student builds, codes, flies & repairs their own drone & works as a team in an esport.

Drone soccer can easily be set up as a small classroom, enrichment or intramural program.

CNY Drones offers ancillary materials, assistance & training for participation in U.S. Drone Soccer.  We are NOT funded to support other programs, events or equipment manufacturers other than those who founded the sport in the U.S.   Ask us about our experiences with an assortment of people, companies, and equipment.   cnydrones@gmail.com

2023-2024 Road to Nationals Event Calendar (dronesoccer.us)


We are the NYS Support Hub!  Check out all the FREE online  & low-cost contract services.



When you need an opinion or have a questions, feel free to ask us here in New York!  We share information to schools in our District – on ancillary equipment purchases, how to get started prior to receiving an order, & what other schools in your area are doing.  Our drone soccer technical support staff is the most experienced in the Country, serving the fastest growing District!  We’d be happy to arrange a virtual meeting ANYTIME!