STEM – Science, Technology, Engineering & Math – drives the advancement of Central New York industry.  Mentorship & hands-on activities provide a key mechanisms for encouraging & sustaining student interest in STEM.  CNY Drones mentors provide the link between sparked interest & Central New York’s drone education & employment pipeline – year-round!

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Sept 30 – Drone Info Day 

Thanks to event hosts & partners, SUNY AMA University Model Aviation Student Club, Drone Info Day will be a FREE event in the Student Center to educate the public about drone technology, both commercial & recreational!  CNY Drones will be sharing the recreational side as we invite students, young & old, to learn more about 2019 Forest Fury  – our indoor STEM-Focused Team Drone Challenge!




SUNY AMA UMASC invites area drone tech companies & educators to showcase their organizations at the event for a small club donation.  Support a great student club that gives back to our community!


Can we pick your brain?

Starting in January, we’ll begin planning the 2020 Team Drone Challenge.  Currently referred to as Project Agri-geddon, we could use ideas for flight missions & elements directly from those who are “in the field”.   Let us know what you are doing with drones in agriculture & help give relevant experience to student teams through our annual competition!

NEON Night Race II @Wildcat Field

Great night race at SUNY Polytechnic Institute, hosted by SUNY AMA UMASC on Saturday, September 15th!  Thanks to everyone who made it happen!

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Check out the great video on our Race Page!

Oct 6 – Experience FPV –  Our Introductory First Person View Flying Session in Barneveld!

Unity Hall, Barneveld 7-9pm  More Info / To Register

Looking for our BUILD, FLY & TAKE HOME WORKSHOP?  We’re always planning the next one!  Talk to us about your interest & availability!   Contact Us!

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