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STEM – Science, Technology, Engineering & Math – drives the advancement of Central New York industry.  Mentorship & hands-on activities provide a key mechanisms for encouraging & sustaining student involvement in STEM.  CNY Drones provides the link between sparked interest & Central New York’s drone education & employment pipeline – year-round!

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NEW!!!  Project Drone Racer! 

Applications now being considered for our exclusive 6-hour drone build program!   


Serious about getting started in drone racing here in the Utica/Rome area?

This is the drone program for you!


Planning for 2020 FARM-i-GEDDON?   

We’re here to help!  Check out our FARM-i-GEDDON page & Challenge Brochure (.pdf) Questions?  Contact us!

We’re firming up the 2020 Team Drone Challenge for release in the fall!   We appreciate ideas for flight missions & elements  –  directly from those who are “in the field”.   Let us know what you are doing or would like to do with drones in agriculture!





Your assistance gives relevant experience to student teams!   We appreciate community support for continuation of this low-cost, accessible program! 

NEW FOR 2020!

  • 2 competition levels!  Middle/High School & College/Adult
  • 2nd (Tiny Whoop class) drone option
  • Monthly Tech Meets

Get in on the action – get in on our targeted STEM programs with regional connections!


Annual Consent & Release Form

Planning on participating in one of our events this year?  Take a moment to fill out our  2019 Consent & Release form!  Just a one time form for the whole year – saves you time & saves us paper!  Thanks!


Check out the latest additions! 

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Recent Changes to Recreational Drone Piloting (FAA.gov, May 2019) 

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