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STEM – Science, Technology, Engineering & Math – drives the advancement of Central New York industry.  Mentorship & hands-on activities provide key mechanisms for encouraging & sustaining student involvement in STEM.  CNY Drones’ experienced & enthusiastic volunteers provide the link between sparked interest & Central New York’s drone education & employment pipeline – year-round!   Learn More About Us!


Presentation of the FARM-i-GEDDON Team Drone Challenge will remain paused for the current school year (2021-2022).  Our fully developed field elements & manual will be ready when the time is right for reintroduction.  School coaches will be receiving notification via email.  Information will also be provided in our Q4 Newsletter.

In the meantime, we have an alternative…Affordable     –     Fast-paced     –     Easy-entry     –     Familiar platform

AND – it’s a sport!

“Gamify Aerospace Education” in New York State with CNY Drones & US Drone Soccer!

Originally scheduled for introduction in spring 2022, demos & presentations for the development of intramural & competitive play start soon.  Join us as we roll out this easy-to-set-up sport that can help schools re-establish student interest & build excitement about technology!  

Formal news release & program page are in the works!

We value input.   Contact us anytime!

STEM Focused.  Community Supported.  Volunteer Driven.  

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FAA Aeronautical Knowledge & Safety Test Updates

Registering Your Drone & Where You Can Fly

2021 Remote ID Requirement – Effective 4/21/2021

2021-22 Annual Participant Consent & Release Form   

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