STEM – Science, Technology, Engineering & Math – drives the advancement of Central New York industry.  Mentorship & hands-on activities provide key mechanisms for encouraging & sustaining student involvement in STEM.  CNY Drones’ experienced & enthusiastic volunteers provide the link between sparked interest & Central New York’s drone education & employment pipeline – year-round!     Learn More About CNY Drones!

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  • fast-paced & action packed
  • easy-entry & reasonable per student cost
  • familiar platform
  • links to drone education & employment
  • full team member involvement
  • no annually themed field elements to purchase
  • regional technical support hub (AMA Region II)

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Pop-up meetings with live demos are happening all the time upon request!   For the fall, we plan on in-person meets with virtual options for those who cannot travel to Utica.  Other meet locations will be set based on interest.  AND – we’re happy to help other Arena Sites set up Tech Meets! – a great way for all to learn, share & play!

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STEM Focused.  Community Supported.  Volunteer Driven. 

This site, social media accounts and the many great programs planned by CNY Drones are made possible by a great group of dedicated volunteers from the drone community in Central New York State!   CNY Drones exists fiscally under the Griffiss Institute‘s 501(c)(3) & through the generosity of organizations and individuals who believe in our mission.  Since 2016, we’ve been here for students & educators.  We were NY’s first AMA Model Aviation Student Club & are proud to be the US Drone Soccer New York State / AMA District II Affiliate.    All events are planned & run by members of the Academy of Model Aeronautics, a not-for-profit organization dedicated to the promotion of model aviation as a recognized sport as well as a recreational activity.  We adhere to all AMA Guidelines in addition to FAA Regulations to promote a safe flying community.

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