Updated: May 20, 2019 @ 3:53 pm

The following items are greatly appreciated.  Add your logo anywhere!  We promote our friends!

  • projector & outdoor screen
  • used field hockey goals
  • used field hockey / lacrosse / baseball netting
  • drones & drone parts
  • portable whiteboard
  • monitor stands
  • T-shirts – promote your organization with ours!
  • Ad space – anywhere! – show your support by including us in your local advertising or sponsoring our logo on other organization t-shirts
  • used or new straight leg EZ -Up style canopy structures – lid/top NOT necessary
  • gently used or new children’s play tunnels & connecting cubes
  • gift cards – Staples, Target, Walmart, Amazon, Home Depot – help us maintain our demonstration supplies & equipment!
  • gas cards – to keep our equipment & volunteers moving on down the road!
  • copier paper
  • gaffers tape, packing tape & electrical tape
  • LED race timer
  •  2’x2′ foam tiles (gray preferred)
  • bottled water – to keep our volunteers hydrated!
  • feather flags – any style, company logos are fine!
  • field cones – low soccer type
  • PVC pipe –  to make netted safety structures and gates

Close by?  We’ll do what we can to arrange a pick-up! Want to send something through the mail?  Contact us & we’ll send you a safe mailing address of one of our mentors!  Thanks!