“No words can describe the amount for respect and honor I have for everyone connected with CNY Drones and the promotion of STEM outreach this organization does with local community and youth programs. The work you guys do is ground breaking…  Keep up the great work and passion for everything STEM!  –  Sgt. Johnny Hines, NYPD

As an Academy of Model Aeronautics Model Aviation Student Club (AMA MASC), we offer programs using AMA Members who are FAA Certified Drone Pilots and U.S. Drone Soccer Certified Instructors.  Each has a wealth of experience in working with students and educators in building, coding, and flying.  Our events and staff are AMA insured.

Check here for information on U.S. Drone Soccer

(2-4 hours, age 12+) Tech Meets have traditionally been events where we all chip in to have a get-together for area drone enthusiasts to exchange ideas.   Tech Meets can include indoor test flights,  flying instruction (when pre-arranged), & US Drone Soccer league play & practice.   Meets offer follow-up opportunities with our mentors as well as a starting point for those wishing to get started.   

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(2 hours, age 12+) Introductory Flying Sessions –  an indoor program using our FPV goggles, controller & Tiny Whoop class drone.  Groups of 4 to 12 receive hands-on instruction.  Participant to mentor ratio:  2 to 1 and often 1 to 1. Our sessions get the technology in the hands of students, allowing them the freedom to explore with guidance from experienced AMA recreational pilots.   Attendees are provided connection to our mentors for further questions as well as information on safety, purchasing drones, our other programs as well as other area educational opportunities.  More Info


(6 hours, age 12+)   We teach the basics of building & repair of small indoor drones through full-day workshops. Participants go home with a complete flying kit that can easily be expanded.  Knowledge can be grown into racing, freestyle, U.S. Drone Soccer & future employment! 

We supply more than just a program.  We give access to our continually updated participant resource folder & mentors for follow-up questions that always arise after programs are completed.   Working with groups of 4 to 12, we provide guided drone assembly & flying instruction.  Due to ordering & pre-program kit prep requirements, the enrollment cut-off for any build workshop is typically 1-2 months in advance.  Our pre-program inspection & prep reduces day of event issues with equipment that are typical when using electronics, motors & batteries shipped from overseas.  More Info

 (1-2 hours)   Two of our mentor/pilots share drone history, safety, a variety of drones for recreational & professional use & give ride-alongs to participants using FPV – First Person View goggles and large screen viewing for the less adventurous.  Our intro/demo programs are priced to cover expenses.  Presentation depends on program length, group size & ages (12+ targeted), equipment requirements & location/travel.   


(3 hrs)

(~2-4 hrs, age 12+)  Tailored programs meet groups needs with multiple interactive stations & challenges.   Program length, equipment, venue, group size, mentors required & travel determines our cost.  

  • Flight Simulator Training & Competition Zone
  • LOS & FPV Learning Zone
  • Safety Quiz Zone
  • Drag Race & Obstacle Course Zones
  • Tiny Hovercraft Soccer Match Zone
  • Mini-Copter Creation & Competition Zone

“It was obvious you put a lot of effort and time in preparing all the different activities…The students had a great time and lots of fun learning about drone technology… The activities and teams were so well organized, making for an easy transition from one station to another.” – Lee Slopka, Bright Vision Education Group


Interactive exhibits are provided on behalf of our sponsors as annual funding & scheduling permitted.  Exhibits not covered by our current budget are quoted based on travel, equipment,  set-up & tear-down, to cover our basic costs.  

This program is currently on pause.  Our low-cost, fully themed program with teams of 5-7 students ran successfully for nearly 3 seasons prior to the pandemic.  Our last season had 17 teams from NY & CT poised to participate in April 2020 just prior to the shutdown of on-campus programs.  Let us know if your school is ready for a reboot!

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 &  Professional Learning Community

Our information hub is maintained by volunteers who believe in the need to provide STEM opportunities & connections for students & adults in New York State.  We provide support to the recreational drone community, including information on how to get started with drones & how to operate as a safe pilot!   Educators and drone enthusiasts have a the opportunity to learn and share ideas, tips & curriculum.  As NYSTEEA & NYSCATE members, we have a great deal of connections who are willing to share!

  • We partner with area teacher groups, community organizations & companies to bring recreational drones & safety knowledge to interested groups via contracted presentation &/or individualized program development.
  • We help bring drones into the classroom & guide teachers in creating curriculum modules.
  • We assist in connecting fellow teachers around the State who are just starting out or are deep into drone programs of their own.   We network!

We customize modules!

We can provide a single module or a mix of modules.    Ask us about what we can offer your group! 

  + NEW!!! tiny hovercraft soccer

  + drone & battery safety

  + scaling up primer –  building larger scale drones

  + mapping

  + 3D modeling drone parts

Sound Interesting to You? 

  • Program costs vary based on space, location, number of participants & equipment required
  • Contact us to discuss how our programs can fit in your budget!
  • Don’t see a session listed?  Contact us – we set up programs based on demand!
  • We typically plan 2-4 months in advance

Sponsor Us   

Funding pays for demonstration equipment, repairs & upkeep.

We appreciate every contribution, every minute of volunteerism & every kind word of encouragement!  It keeps us motivated to do more!



All materials created & shared are property of CNY Drones.  Reuse is by permission only.


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