Affiliations & Connections Established

We’ve met with the area’s drone authorities – agencies, officials, educators, manufacturers, 107 certified pilots, clubs and enthusiasts to help organize the growth of STEM-based competitions, host a regional social media information hub and share opportunities in our region.  Our community ties continue to expand throughout New York State thanks to sponsorships and partnership projects.

Establishment of a Mentorship Network & Year-Round Drone Events

CNY Drones leads the way by hosting a year-round support system with area mentors and events to help drive STEM interest in an area that directly supplies a growing higher education and employment pipeline.

NYS’s First Open, STEM-Based Team Drone Challenge

The inaugural presentation of Rig Rescue will be on April 15, 2018 at SUNY Polytechnic Institute.   Using the Framework for Next Generation Science Standards, the competition will continue annually with a new theme.

1st AMA MASC in New York State


We established the 1st Academy of Model Aeronautics Model Aviation Student Club in New York State in 2017.   Once we set up, we immediately started helping schools and other drone groups gain the benefits of AMA affiliation.


We are happy to have helped establish and now be work with New York State’s 1st University Model Aviation Student Club!  The SUNY Polytechnic Institute’s former RC Student Club is officially an Academy of Model Aeronautics University Model Aviation Student Club – AMA UMASC #15104.  Our new friends promote flight safety, introduce younger students to the college campus and future education options, and gain experience giving back by helping the local drone community.

MultiGP Chapter Dedicated to STEM Promotion

Our Multi-GP Racing Chapter provides the excitement of fast-paced drone racing with interactive STEM exhibits for spectators.

Annual Drone Info Day 

In October 2016, we established our area’s gathering for a day of all things drone related.

Self-Supporting Build Workshops & Flying Sessions

Our Build, Fly & Take Home Workshop (4-6 hrs) and our Experience FPV session (2 hrs – flying with our equipment) gives prospective participants a choice in how much they wish to invest in their curiosity about drones.  Our fees are set to cover the cost of presentation, keep mentor to participant ratios low, and offer an affordable introduction to drone technology.

Connecting High Schools with MVCC to Offer UAS College Credit 

Our contacts with regional high schools has helped connect students to the MVCC UAS program as well as high schools looking to offer students college credit in drone technology.

Establishment of age 11 as an acceptable lower age limit for drone flying programs

We experimented with student ages at our many flying demonstrations and events and established age 11 as a lower end for flying programs and age 10 with parental consent for interactive demonstrations.   Age determination was made by volunteer observations of both participants and equipment wear and tear at our events over 18 months.   Other area drone programs have since followed our example.

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