Tech Meets will be back for 2022!   Those who want to get started in drones can have questions answered while learning more from the drone community.  Those already involved in flying can share what they’ve learned through experience and social media connections.  And – we allow recreational flying of indoor drones – with prop guards – in designated areas.   If we are at a location that allows outdoor flying, flights in designated areas may be allowed with AMA member oversight.  NEW to our Tech Meets – we’ll be focusing on US Drone Soccer.  Interested?

Team Drone Challenge Project work time – full teams, partial teams, individual team members & coaches are welcome to bring their projects for basic build assistance including tips on troubleshooting & testing.

We provide information on the AMA, safety, & our programs.  Attendance varies – sometimes Tech Meets are all out build sessions, other times they turn into mini-competitions.

Tech Meets are low cost or free, depending on sponsorship.  We all volunteer so any cash collected is only used to cover basic expenses, batteries, water & snacks!   Not an AMA member?  Join!  FREE for most students!  We’ll be happy to provide you with plenty of reasons why you should join!

Everyone who shows up volunteers and shares!

Tech Meets are set up as AMA UMASC / AMA MASC events – most are hosted by SUNY AMA UMASC in collaboration with CNY Drones.

Never been to a Tech Meet?  Bring your curiosity & the following:

  • safety glasses*
  • closed toe shoes*
  • snacks to share!
  • working indoor drones with prop guards to fly!
  • any drone building project – new drone kits, in process projects, broken drones
  • tool box**

*safety glasses and closed toe shoes are required for lab use and strongly advised in any other facility while working with drones.

**No soldering, sawing or burning of any kind without permission of the venue & without supervision & use of safety glasses.  Use of power equipment is not allowed on most sites.  We follow the rules!  Not sure?  Ask us before you attend!

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Updated: Apr 14, 2022 @ 9:15 am