Updated: Sep 22, 2023 @ 9:18 am  

U.S. Drone Soccer Hands-On Workshops

  • Now available for educational organizations enrolled in U.S. Drone Soccer
  • Training supplements & supports educational licensed training provided through U.S. Drone Soccer.  Groups requiring hands-on assistance can learn techniques & tips to share with students.   Note: FPV is not part of drone soccer, but many of the same bullet points below apply to this NEW option.

FPV Tiny Whoop Class Drone Build & Fly 

  • Workshop provides an overview of building (& repair) & flight – LoS & FPV
  • “Beyond the Workshop” Resource Folder Access for tips, connections & continued learning
  • CNY Drones Mentors are passionate drone enthusiasts & experienced members of the Academy of Model Aeronautics
  • As with all our programs – ultra-low participant to mentor ratio! (3 to1 or 2 to 1)
  • See above photo of one of our drone soccer workshop sessions with the NYPD Community Affairs Unit – this is how we do it!
  • Fees are subject to change based on equipment availability & program location
  • Typically the “kit” created is ~$400-$600, not including presentation fee
  • Workshops are specifically for ages 12+
  • Hours vary depending on targeted audience & requirements of the host organization (4-6 hours)


  • Parts are ordered on behalf of the participants to expedite shipping & insure all participants work with the same parts
  • All drone components are subject to issues in handling, powering & soldering
  • We attempt to inspect parts, although there is no guarantee of part performance
  • We do not warrantee parts & will make every attempt to return any defective part for replacement
  • We are not responsible for the condition of drones before creation & once created and flown by participants
  • Participant package ordered is a serious drone starter kit
  • Parts are subject to change for each presentation due to parts availability, supply chain issues & the fast pace of technology updates & upgrades
  • Drones created are not toys
  • Reuse of materials by permission only
  • Questions?  Want to host an event for a group?  
  • Contact us: CNYDrones@gmail.com or 315-292-2002