We are STEM advocates.

Our volunteer Planning Committee  meets weekly either in person or via Google Hangout.  The Committee steers promotion & event planning.   We encourage participation from local drone tech organizations & appreciate their input.  Interactive demonstrations & events are scheduled for our supporters, not-for-profit entities & community benefit as funding permits.  Programs further our Drones-in-STEM promotional objectives, help produce a safe flying community & inspire new volunteers & mentors.    We schedule events 2-4 months in advance.  Most events are on off-hours to accommodate volunteer schedules and to insure the availability of space.  We attempt to locate space at low-to-no-cost, relying heavily on community organizations to partner with us to keep costs to a minimum.   For programs 50+ miles away from our central group of mentors in the Utica/Rome area, additional logistical costs can be anticipated.   A second hub of volunteers is emerging in the Syracuse area centered around our friends in the Syracuse School District.  Interested in volunteering?

We are supported by annual sponsors, grants, personal donations and a dedicated volunteer network.  Sponsor Us!


CNY Drones is growing as the 1st Academy of Model Aeronautics  Model Aviation Student Club (AMA MASC) in New York State.   We encourage student groups to form drone clubs under the AMA & offer assistance in getting started.   We are also a provisional MultiGP Racing Chapter in Central New York State.  We use drone racing  to grab the attention of students & connect them to STEM.  Racers become adept at building, repairing & strategizing using the latest technology.   Our mentors are often racers at our events.  Along with other participants, they’re ready to share their knowledge with spectators.  The sharing culture among drone racers is pretty special!

We partner with the SUNY Polytechnic Institute AMA University Model Aviation Student Club to promote STEM.  Our projects bring the community on campus & college students into the community.   We appreciate the continued support & commitment of SUNY engineering students.  They set a great example & help raise the bar higher at every event.


Source: KnowBeforeYouFly.org


FAA Interpretation of Special Rule for Model Aircraft     (PDF)

FAA Advisory Circular 91-57A    (PDF)

Definition of Terms for Special Rule (PDF)