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NY District II Support Hub


  1. Tech Meets & Planning Committee Meeting Access
    • for information exchange & team development
    • Tech Meets available in-person at SUNY Polytechnic Institute or online
  2. NY District II Support Drive Folders
    • helpful ancillary items to get started
    • important safety equipment requirements, references & photos
  3. Technical Support Staff (volunteers)
    • Experienced Certified Instructors
    • Equipment on hand to reference during calls
    • Typically < 24 hour response for most questions
  4. Contract Services
    • On-site hands-on workshops, troubleshooting & coaching
    • All on-site training is provided with a minimum of 2 instructors – 1 lead instructor plus 1 instructor per 3 students, a format backed by 8+ years experience in presenting drone building programs
    • Our proven format of group training provides superior individual learning opportunities
  5. Event Hosting
    • District II Kick-Off
    • Tech Meets – monthly gathering to share & learn in-person or online
    • District II Championship – annual 2nd level competition supported by Qualifiers
    • Support of the annual U.S. Drone Soccer National Championship in District II
  6. Support for Qualifiers & Local Events
    • Availability of Loaner Equipment for sanctioned events
    • Networking & promotion within District II & to our connections in the Northeast
    • Advice based on years of experience in STEM team coaching, event coordination, camp & workshop creation 

Hub Collaboration

We work with our sister AMA organization, SUNY Polytechnic Institute’s University Model Aviation Student Club, linking high school students with a tech-forward college environment


A few words about LiPo Battery Safety – from U.S. Drone Soccer…

“Battery manufacturers report that inadvertent short circuits caused by abuse during handling are the largest single source of field failures for lithium batteries. Problems associated with shorting as well as other hazardous conditions can be reduced by observing the following guidelines: 

  • Lithium batteries shall be stored and transported inside a flammables storage cabinet or fire-resistant container at all times.
  • Remove jewelry items such as rings, wristwatches, pendants, etc., that could come in contact with the battery terminals. 
  • NEVER leave packages or pallets of batteries unattended where they can be damaged by personnel or vehicles. 
  • Perform a safety inspection prior to every use. 
  • Damaged batteries shall be disposed of immediately in the nearest Safety Can.”

How to Reach CNY Drones for Support

  1. The fastest way to reach us is by phone or direct message!
    • 315-292-2002
    • CNY Drones Administrator:  Lisa
  2.  Email us!   if you’d like to add technical information, photos or video

Our Resources Make Your Resources Possible!

Development of U.S. Drone Soccer NY District II is supported by the Air Force Research Lab, Rome, NY.  Our continued collaboration with SUNY Polytechnic Institute College of Engineering & student technology clubs led by the SUNY AMA UMASC, along with our gracious fiscal agent, The Griffiss Institute, has allowed us to increase our reach.   We also thank all of our previous sponsors who invested in our STEM mission, helping us continue services for 6+ years.  We appreciate new sponsors!  Help us maintain & expand our services!  cnydrones@gmail.com

National Ongoing Support Services

 Drone Sports, Inc.

Spend your $ wisely.  We do not suggest or support other equipment.


The FAA TRUST Exam is NOT required for U.S. Drone Soccer, BUT is highly encouraged for educators & students.

The exam is FREE & required for all outdoor recreational flight.  

Find more information & access to The UAS Safety Test (TRUST):   

https://trust.modelaircraft.org (Academy of Model Aeronautics)