Got time?  Drone Interest?  

STEM passion?  Expertise?  

Community service hours to fill? 

Get involved!!!

Volunteers are always welcome to assist with our small group demonstrations, large scale exhibits, workshops, clinics, individual mentoring and races.   Previous experience not necessary.  We have fun sharing and have a really great group of generous people around us.   Visit us at one of our events to see how you can help.

Here are some of the tasks we take on at events.  We’re pretty informal so we all take on multiple tasks and never really use titles.  

General Assistants – provide any of all of the following, especially at smaller events.

Information Staff – provide friendly assistance including giving out business cards & flyers, as well as introductions to other volunteers

Demonstrator – uses own equipment and/or CNY Drones demonstration drones to demonstrate flying basics and techniques as directed, and/or shows the public basic flight skills using demonstration drones.

Registrar- assist attendees in signing in and providing us with requested information

Crowd Control – help move people through our events safely

Load In & Load Out  – help set up and/or take down displays

Volunteer Health Coordinator – keep us all well watered & fueled

Flight Zone Monitor – monitor drone flight time slots & safe flying standards of new flyers in an enclosed area

Flight Simulator Monitor – have a basic understanding of flight simulation programs and assist users  in getting started

Safety inspector – identify possible drone safety issues at technical competitions

Mentor – provide individual instruction and information in an area of expertise

We meet volunteers before sending them to an event.  We’ll gauge interest and experience and look for those who are the best fit for the rest of the volunteer group.   If you are a spectator or participant, please approach us about your interest in helping so we can get to know you and introduce you to other volunteers.    We accept volunteers age 11+ who are AMA members and participate as MultiGP Chapter members and/or Model Aviation Student Club.

CNY Drones Volunteer Guidelines

We periodically invite volunteers to join our Planning Committee when we see interest and the right fit for our group.  Our committee members are the most dedicated people in our organization.  Planning Committee members are the advocates and diehard enthusiasts that keep us motivated!