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AMA Region II Support Hub (NY & NJ)


Full-Team Participation

Flying Robotics

•NY/NJ AMA Region Il Championship
•Virtual technical assistance
•League event / logistical advice


CNY Drones works with sister organization, SUNY Polytechnic Institute’s AMA Student Club (UMASC) to host U.S. Drone Soccer regional events including Tech Meets and the Region II Championship.

Do I need to be in a league?  NO!  CNY Drones is supporting both league and non-league participation.  The US Drone Soccer league system is available for those who wish to participate in a tiered program moving from local competitions, to regional, national & international play.

Region II Support Hub Resources

What sets U.S. Drone Soccer apart from other robotics programs?   Differentiators

How do I get started?   Drone soccer can easily be set up as a classroom, enrichment or intramural program.  We have years of experience working with small budgets & will share our tips for starting small & seeking funding.

  • Enroll   – to get started now with no obligation   The faster you receive information, the faster you can make the decision on what is right for you.   Sign up your school or organization to receive a quote for equipment.   When you receive your quote, feel free to ask us for advice & information on others in your area who are getting involved.  We’re all working together to uplift the sport and help it grow!

“Recognized by the World Air Sports Federation, all students participating in U.S. Drone Soccer have a path to the World Cup.”

– U.S. Drone Soccer


U.S. Drone Soccer Website:   dronesoccer.us    Check the site often as things are changing rapidly!       Here are direct links to information.

Forming a Team

Rules of Play

News  –  learn how US Drone Soccer is taking off – everywhere!

Download the Program Guide 

Spring 2022 Program Guide


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