Hands-on programs for small groups (4-12)

All our programs are for ages 11+.

Experience FPV – an introductory flying session using our FPV goggles, controller & drone (2 hrs)

Build, Fly & Take Home Workshop for those who are serious about getting started with drones – you go home with a complete flying kit that can easily be added to as you grow into the sport (4-6 hrs)

Teacher Build & Fly Session – a build & fly program and specifically designed kit for those who intend to add drone curriculum to their classroom, plus the availability of follow-up sessions  (6 hrs)

Program Development – let our mentors build a program just for you!

  • Program costs vary based on location, number of participants and equipment
  • Contact us to discuss how our programs can fit in your budget!
  • See our Events Calendar for our open-enrollment programs

Hands-on interactive programs for large groups

Drone Demonstration Programs & Drone Clinics – multiple interactive stations for ages 11+

  • test flight zone(s)
  • flight simulator(s) zone
  • live drone demonstrations
  • drone display & clinic zone
  • 3D printing zone
  • Presented on behalf of sponsors

Sponsorship Information