Hands-on programs for small groups (4-12)

All our programs are for ages 11+.

Experience FPV – an introductory flying session using our FPV goggles, controller & drone (2 hrs)

Build, Fly & Take Home Workshop for those who are serious about getting started with drones – you go home with a complete flying kit that can easily be added to as you grow into the sport (4-6 hrs)

Teacher Build & Fly Session – a build & fly program and specifically designed kit for those who intend to add drone curriculum to their classroom, plus the availability of follow-up sessions  (6 hrs)

Program Development – a special group session, drones for team building or celebrations – let our mentors build a program just for you!

Periodic Meet-Ups for Drone Enthusiasts

Friday Night Flights & Drone Tech Meets are events where we all chip in to have a get-together for area drone enthusiasts.  We discuss, learn, build, repair, fly and share information and ideas.   It’s a less formal event for new friends to learn more about us and old friends to catch up and work on their drones with the help of their peers.   No real agenda – totally dictated by who shows up and what we all feel like accomplishing.   Some have morphed into discussion and planning nights, others have become strictly flying events, and others become total build nights.  We’re flexible.

Hands-on interactive programs for large groups – 

Drone Demonstration Programs & Drone Clinics – multiple interactive stations for ages 11+

  • flight simulator zone
  • FPV zone
  • drone display & clinic zone
  • 3D printing & CAD zone
  • Often presented at public events on behalf of sponsors -as funding permits


Sound Interesting to You?

  • Program costs vary based on location (distance we need to travel), number of participants and equipment required
  • Contact us to discuss how our programs can fit in your budget!
  • See our Events Calendar for our open-enrollment programs
  • Don’t see a session listed?  Contact us – we set up programs based on demand!

Sponsorship Information   – funding pays for demonstration equipment, repairs & upkeep.