Annual STEM-Focused Team Drone Competition

In 2016 we began designing an annual competition that connected with regional growth in drone technology.  The design was preceded by research & discussions with STEM groups across the US.  A key factor was emphasized repeatedly by our contacts – recognizable connection to the region’s technology.  Prevalent in other successful STEM-focused competitions, a themed, multi-element format was followed.  The Framework for Next Generation Science Standards guided element development.

On April 21, 2018 we held RIG RESCUE – our first Team Drone Challenge at SUNY Polytechnic Institute.  Hosted by the SUNY AMA University Model Aviation Student Club, the 6-team, multi-state event gave students the opportunity to test and share their accomplishments in drone building, mission planning & flying.  A second season challenge, FOREST FURY,
will be released September 30, 2018 with a 16-team competition set for April 7, 2019. School teams & community-based teams are invited to participate. Other host locations are being considered to help grow a season of challenge events – including Syracuse & New York City.

Experience FPV Introductory Flying Sessions –  an indoor program using our FPV goggles, controller & drone. Age 11+, groups of 4 to 12, 2 hours of hands-on instruction.  Participant to mentor ratio:  2 to 1 and often 1 to 1. Our sessions get the technology in the hands of students, allowing them the freedom to explore with guidance from experienced AMA recreational pilots.   Participants are provided connection to our mentors for further questions as well as information on safety, purchasing drones, our Build, Fly & Take Home Workshop as well as our Team Drone Competition.

Build, Fly & Take Home Workshop for those who are serious about getting started with drones – we’ll get you building so you’ll know how to make repairs & understanding the programming so you can add to your drone collection.  You’ll go home with a complete flying kit that can easily be added to as you grow into the sport, along with access to our participant resource folder & mentors for any follow-up questions you have along the way.  Age 11+ , groups of 4 to 12, 4-6 hrs of guided building & flying.  Participants have started teams for annual Team Drone Competition after attending this program.

We partner with teacher groups, community organizations & companies to bring recreational drones & safety knowledge to interested groups via contracted presentation &/or individualized program development.   We also assist individual teachers looking to connect with others developing drone tech programs within their schools.

AMA MASC Tech Meets

Friday Night Flights & Drone Tech Meets are events where we all chip in to have a get-together for area drone enthusiasts.  We discuss, learn, build, repair, fly & share information & ideas.   It’s a less formal event for new friends to learn more about us & old friends to catch up & work on their drones with the help of their peers.   No real agenda – totally dictated by who shows up & what we all feel like accomplishing.   Some have morphed into discussion & planning nights, others have become strictly flying events, & others become total build nights.  We’re flexible!  Tech meets offer follow-up opportunities with our mentors as well as a starting point for those wishing to get started.

Hands-on Interactive Exhibits – for large groups  

Drone Demonstration Programs & Drone Clinics – multiple interactive stations for ages 11+

  • flight simulator zone
  • FPV zone
  • drone display & clinic zone
  • 3D printing & CAD zone
  • Presented at public events on behalf of sponsors – as funding permits

We try our best to say “yes” when we can. We go as far as donations take us.  When funding is not available, we’ll work with not-for-profit organizations & schools on ways to offer low-cost alternatives or ways to develop funding through grants or other sources.

Our team is a great group of passionate, dedicated volunteers. Most of our programs are run at off-work hours to accommodate regular work & school schedules. For day programs we plan far in advance (typically 2-4 months) in order to delicately pull people out of their primary obligations. We rely heavily on the graciousness of organizations & bosses who allow our mentors to help the community. Be flexible with us & we do our best to go the extra mile!

We appreciate every contribution, every minute of volunteerism & every kind word of encouragement!  It keeps us motivated to do more!

MultiGP Drone Racing Events


  • Fast-paced, exciting, STEM-filled race days and Tech Meets entice interest in drone technology & provide access to the World of drone racing!

Sound Interesting to You? 

  • Program costs vary based on location (distance we need to travel), number of participants & equipment required
  • Contact us to discuss how our programs can fit in your budget!
  • See our Events Calendar for our open-enrollment programs
  • Don’t see a session listed?  Contact us – we set up programs based on demand!

Sponsorship Information   – funding pays for demonstration equipment, repairs & upkeep.