2 hours using our drone, radio controller(s) & goggles

Want to learn the basics of flying an indoor drone without the commitment?  

New to FPV (First Person View) flying?

Receive a drone as a gift?  

Want to learn basic flying skills from some of the area’s most avid recreational hobbyists?

We periodically offer an introductory session to get beginners acquainted with Tiny Whoop (indoor) drones.  Participants will work in pairs as pilot and spotter.   CNY Drones Mentors – experienced drone enthusiasts – will work with each pair on safety procedures and flying basics using our FPV goggles, radio controller and Tiny Whoop drone.  Flying basics and safety information transferable to use of other drones.

  • Participant to Mentor Ratio:  2 to 1 (highly individualized assistance from our mentors!)
  • Participant Maximum Capacity:  8-12 (depending on venue)
  • Age 11+ only (parental consent required)
  • Interested?  Curious?  Have questions?  Have a group of 3 or more who’d like a session? Contact us – we’d be happy to discuss and help you figure out if this program is right for you!

    Email:  CNYDrones@gmail.com   

Call:  315 732 1001 (leave message)

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Updated: May 25, 2018 @ 12:20 pm