A Build, Fly — & Take Home Workshop! 

  • Workshop fees are subject to change based on equipment costs & location
  • Workshops are open to ages 11+
  • Workshop times vary (4-6 hours)
  • Workshop includes building, programming, basic soldering & flying instruction
  • Post-event resources are available to participants via a Google Drive upon program completion
  • Registration Deadline is 3 weeks prior to event for sufficient ordering of equipment
  • Registration confirmation & receipt is made via email
  • Registrations accepted until workshop reaches maximum capacity or registration deadline, whichever is earlier
  • AMA Membership (Academy of Model Aeronautics) is a required for those ages 11-18 and is FREE.  Proof of membership required at event.
  • Workshop is staffed by experienced drone enthusiast mentors 
  • Kits will be ordered on behalf of the participants to expedite shipping & insure all participants work with the same parts
  • All drone components are subject to issues in handling, powering & soldering
  • We attempt to inspect parts, although there is no guarantee of part performance
  • We do not warrantee parts & will make every attempt to return any defective part for replacement
  • We are not responsible for the condition of drones before creation & once created and flown by participants
  • Workshop size is limited to 10-12 participants, depending on mentor & space availability
  • Program will run with a minimum of 4 participants
  • Anticipated participant to mentor ratio:  2 to 1
  • Kits will not be ordered unless a minimum number of participants is reached
  • No refunds once registered – no shows are considered a donation
  • We gladly accept sponsor provided scholarships & will aid in providing discrete distribution to those in need
  • Participant package ordered is a serious drone starter kit & is subject to change for each presentation due to parts availability & technology updates.  Kits are not toys.
  • All participants receive access to our Resources Drive Folder  (via Google Drive)
  • Participants may bring in their own soft drinks and water (if allowed by venue)
  • Those wishing to bring their own tool kits or soldering stations should make sure they are clearly marked to avoid loss – we are not responsible for equipment & tool use
  • We reserve the right to remove any participant from our events that we find disruptive or intrusive to others or who violate the code of conduct of the Academy of Model Aeronautics or MultiGP
  • Sorry, no recording of the event by participants is allowed
  • No observers are allowed in the workshop except for invited local media
  • Parents/guardians and family members may wait outside for pick-up
  • all registrants are added to our newsletter mailing list to receive info on related programs & to keep in contact for follow-up
  • post-event questions can be emailed or sent via our contact page on our website – most answers are within 24 hours
  • Reuse of materials by permission only

Register for  a Utica Workshop (currently closed)

Register for a Syracuse Workshop (currently closed)

Questions?  Want to host an event for a group?  

Contact us: CNYDrones@gmail.com or leave a message at 315-732-1001.