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Registration Begins  Sunday, September 28, 2019 at 5:00pm


SUNY Polytechnic Institute Map – with CNY Drones event locations 


PREREGISTERED TEAM FILES (to be emailed once team is verified)

  • Challenge Manual Part I 
  • Building Your First Competition Drone 
    • Parts to Assemble a Basic Competition Drone
    • FPV Flight Equipment
    • Video Antennas
    • Additional Drone Tools & Supplies
  • Optional – 2nd Drone Build/Purchase Info (Tiny Whoop Class – provided upon request)

Team Resource Files (password protected – for registered teams only – provided upon request)

  • Challenge Manual Parts I & II 
  • Field Elements Guide
  • Score Sheet
  • Mission Planning Format
  • Challenge Manual Safety Inspection Sheet
  • Competition Day Guide  (starting in January)

  • Always take note of the current Challenge Manual version that will be uploaded and announced to teams via numbered email updates  
  • Specs provided will be used for Inspection 
  • We will change specs when notified of errors, omissions or issues reported to us that could affect the safety of teams and/or the ability of teams to participate


Changes in parts availability happen often and without notice.   We suggest ordering multiples of parts that are prone to damage including batteries, motors, skids, props, prop guards.  We are happy to help you out if you have questions or ordering issues.

All materials provided are property of CNY Drones.  Reuse by permission only.